Yugen offers beverages that pair to every taste. A way to explore the intimately intertwined histories of East and West.

Take cues from our knowledgeable team, led by Thibaut Chuzeville. We’re here to make the night flow with ease.


Yugen offers 20 sakes by the glass, divided into five distinct categories. Prefecture to prefecture, textured to creamy, savoury to robust, lighter to heavier, Junmai to Kijoshu.

A tale of sake’s diversity is best told by our in-house sake sommeliers. If a glass tempts you towards more, we have 50 by the bottle options to share.


Our wine list offers 250 diverse varietals that invite harmony and balance to the boldness of our food.

Take a journey from local to international producers with our sommeliers. Share wines that accentuate the rich palette of our menu. Mark your omakase experience with a bespoke pairing that focuses on wine and sake, or a non-alcoholic alternative.